Seabag Original Underwater

Patent pending nr. PA2014U000012
made in italy
The Seabag Original Underwater combines fashion and technology in an attractive accessory that protects your personal valuables, like wallets and cellphones, and never leaves your side while you enjoy the water. It can be used underwater or inflated so it floats. The Seabag Original Underwater comes with a belt and / or a circular beach towel made of techno-fiber fabric. Depending on your preferences, the belt and towel can be used to carry the bag.
The Seabag Original Underwater protects your indispensable personal items, like cellphones, keys, documents, credit cards, sunglasses and cash, from sand and water. The Seabag Original Underwater frees you from the anxiety of leaving your personal items unattended on the beach or anywhere else, during your aquatic activities.
The Seabag Original Underwater Seabag is for anyone who loves the beach or water sports such as sailing, kayaking, canyoning, surfing, kite surfing or windsurfing. Take it boating, rafting or canoeing, of course, and bring it with you when you swim.
The beach towel is made of techno-fiber. When rolled up, it becomes the means by which to carry the bag, transforming it into a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag or a funny pack. The circular shape of the towel allows you to move with the sun without getting up to move the towel.
The material is a lightweight fabric weighing 1 ounce per square foot (340 gr. per square meter), treated with water repellent and dyed in Italy.
It measures 59 in (150cm) in circumference.


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Third place in the 2014 Start Something Challenge competition in New Jersey, USA.


Named among the Sicilian innovators in 2014 Innovation Makers Day competition in Palermo, Italy.



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